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Vehicle Wraps Minneapolis

When it comes to Vehicle Wraps Minneapolis, we are experts. Ceramic Pro Twin Cities run by TintPros and Platinum Auto Wraps has a team of professional vehicle wrap installers that have over 20 years of combined experience. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality services and you’ll be able to tell when we are finished servicing your vehicle. We offer several different vehicle wraps including Color change wraps, perfect if you want to switch up your car’s color without a new paint job or losing value for your car. We also offer fleet wraps that are great for businesses that need to add a vehicle wrap to a dozen or more of their vehicles. Our technicians can install roof wraps, decal wraps and chrome delete as well. If you’ve been thinking about changing up the look of your car, come see us to find out if we have a vehicle wrap that is perfect for you. Find out more about our services below.

Update Your Vehicle’s Color

Have you been thinking about switching up the color of your vehicle, but don’t want to pay for a brand new paint job? Our color change wrap might be the perfect solution for you. Our technicians are experts when it comes to installing color change wraps and will custom cut each wrap so it fits perfectly covering each area of your vehicle. We service every kind of car, including Teslas, BMW’s, Porshes and more. Come see us today to see if a color change wrap is right for you.


Fleet Wraps

Fleet Wraps are an excellent option for businesses that have multiple vehicles to service. We’ve worked with beer companies, food trucks, UPS and more. If your company needs to add a vehicle wrap or custom logo to multiple cars, than our fleet wraps package is perfect for you. We’ve serviced hundreds of vehicles and are professionals when it comes to fleet wraps. We offer discounted pricing on bundle packages. Call us today for a free quote.


Roof Wraps

Did you buy a brand new car and want to update the color of your roof? No problem, let our expert technicians make your car look exactly how you want it. We can change your roof to be solid black to match the exterior or add some flare if you want to change up the color. We are operated and owned by TintPros and Premium Auto Wraps and when it comes to vehicle wraps, we are professionals. Let us take care of your vehicle and get it to look its best.

Decal Wraps

Do you need to add a logo to the exterior of your vehicle? If you are a business owner or just want to customize your vehicle, our trusted staff at Ceramic Pro Twin Cities are professionals at installing decals. Whether you need to add multiple decals or logos to your vehicle or just want some flare to customize your car to make it unique, we can do it for you. We’ve been in the business for over 16 years and are run by the owners of TintPros and Premium Auto Wraps specializing in custom wraps. Come see us today for a free quote to add some flare to your vehicle.


Chrome Delete

Do you love your vehicle, but want to remove the chrome accents of living in the 90s. We specialize in chrome delete and can add black matte or glossy to cover any chrome accents on your vehicle. If you want to switch up the color, we can install yellow or green trimmings to match the color of your vehicle. Whether you want to remove any portion of chrome from your vehicle or switch up the color, let our professionals take care of you.

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